Yoga: Home or Studio?

Yoga is beneficial no matter where you practice. I have done yoga many places and have reaped the benefits in each place! There are endless places to practice yoga and each place can give each person a different experience. In a bedroom, a living room, a backyard, by the pool, at a park, at the beach, and so on. The places to practice are as endless as the yoga poses!

For the past year of practicing, I always had the mindset that I could do it alone. I figured that I could watch YouTube videos and read books and be able to master yoga on my own. For some people, this is actually possible. For me, however, it was not. I lost all sense of purpose and self-motivation and I found myself only practicing when I had time to practice, which was not very often. I was practicing in my free time instead of making time to practice. Because of this, I decided to switch to a yoga studio in addition to an at-home yoga practice and my life will be forever changed.

Yoga At Home

Moving at your own pace


Yoga at home can be amazing for many reasons! Yoga at home means you can move at your own pace, which means using your yoga block as a coffee table. Move into a pose, take a sip. Move into another pose, take another sip. This was how I began my morning, and I loved it. A time to wake up with yoga and coffee; my two favorite things.

Yoga with a furry friend


Yoga at home also means yoga with my best friend. My dog, Oliver, loves to lay next to me as I practice. As if yoga didn’t brighten my mood enough, he made sure I always had a smile on my face as I practiced. He would even show me how to properly do downward facing dog pose, which he does much better than I do.


Yoga anywhere

Yoga at home means yoga anywhere! When you practice on your own time, you can practice at many different places. My personal favorite place to practice is at the park with my friends. The soft breeze and smell of nature always helps me to relax and really focus on my practice.


There are clearly things about practicing at home that make it special. The freedom can be amazing, but with freedom can also come irresponsibility. Although I love practicing at home, it wasn’t doing enough for me overall. So, I decided to become a member at a local yoga studio!

Yoga at a Studio

At first, I was very nervous to practice yoga at a studio. Not because I didn’t think I was good enough, but because I was used to teaching myself instead of having someone else do the teaching. I love new things, but this was something I was very nervous about.

My first class

I showed up to my first yoga class 15 minutes early and sat at the back of the class. As others arrived and began to warm up, I simply sat and kept to myself. Was I supposed to warm up before we began? Would we warm up during class? Am I in someones spot? Am I wearing the right apparel? The questions were not going away and I was more nervous now than I was before. The teacher arrived and she was so nice, making sure everyone was ready to begin and had the correct things nearby for the practice.

As we began class, my nerves melted away like the stress in my body. Every word she said made me more comfortable and more confident. As we moved through the yoga practice, my legs were shaking and my forehead was sweating. I couldn’t remember the last time yoga made me sweat! As you can imagine, practicing at home meant I could take it as easy as I wanted. But in this class, I felt encouraged and persuaded to hold every position to the full potential. I left with an open heart and an open mind.

What I learned after my first class

After just one class at a studio, my eyes were open. As it turns out, everyone is there for the exact same reason; to better themselves. No one was there to compete or to be better than the person next to them. Everyone was helpful and encouraging, and I felt like I’ve been there for years.

I also learned that I have been doing yoga at 50% for the past year. In just one class, I was sweating, shaking, and struggling more than I have in months. That one class made me push my body and mind 100% and I felt unstoppable afterwards. My only regret was not going to a studio sooner!

Another thing I found very surprising was my postures. All of the yoga poses we held I have previously done, but now I felt things I had never felt before. It turns out my posture was off on many yoga poses, resulting in less positive benefits. My yoga teacher really helped me to perfect my posture and just moving my leg down an inch or lifting my chest a hair more made all the difference in the world. These are things I never would have realized if I was only practicing at home.

Advice For You

My advice is to reach beyond your comfort level. I felt safer and more confident at home, but it was doing me no good. Do something out of the ordinary to better yourself. I did this, and I am only sad that I didn’t do it sooner. Because I did something new, my yoga practice will improve along with my overall quality of life.

There IS a difference between yoga at home and yoga at a studio. Find which you prefer and stay motivated and determined enough to continue with it. Yoga is beneficial in countless ways, and although I now prefer yoga at a studio, yoga anywhere is helpful! And just because you prefer one place doesn’t mean you can’t still practice in another. I still practice at home when I can!

I hope you find my personal experience helpful in your own life, especially if you are/have been debating going to a studio as I did for a month before I actually went. It’s worth the money and worth your time! Check out my Instagram page for more posts about my yoga practice and progress! Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to smile!



  1. Nina

    I really need to sign up to yoga class again. At home there are distractions, and, as you said, we might not always make time for it. Also, I think having a teacher who can correct your poses is extremely helpful.


    1. Hannah Edmundson

      It really is, Nina! In only one week, I can already tell a huge difference in how I hold and flow through my poses. I hope you feel motivated to join your class again, it really is life changing!


  2. Fenne

    I’ve been practicing yoga for years now and started with normal class, then switched to mysore style where I learned the most. Due to costs and time (classes were at 6.30 in the morning and I had very long days) I went back to normal classes. Right now I only practice at home because I moved to another country and I haven’t found yoga classes in my area yet. I did sign up for online classes which give me the challenge that I need. What I miss most about classes is someone who corrects my posture, adds some challenge or helps me stretch but with or without teachers I keep going 🙂


    1. Hannah Edmundson

      I love that you find time for it at home when you can’t practice in a class! I think the important thing is that with or without help, you are doing this for yourself and you keep with it. I hope you can find a new place to go, but if you can’t, I hope your home practice is just as beneficial for you! 🙂


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