We Have To Restart Each Day

Some Days Are Good, Some Days Are Bad

I think everyone can agree that how we end each day isn’t always in our control or how we prefer it to end. Some days end with dinner, movies and relaxation, while other days end with stress, to-do lists and exhaustion. I used to wake up the same as I fell asleep; happy, sad, tired, crabby, whatever feeling I had. I would lay there in bed the night before and think, “I’m so tired and I have so much to do tomorrow, I just know it will be a bad day.” And sure enough, I would wake up and have a bad day just as I assumed I would. After many days of repeating the same mistake, I finally figured it out; we have to restart each day.

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I’ve learned from experience that tomorrow is not guaranteed or earned, even if you do deserve it. My older sister passed away in 2013 suddenly that no one in my family saw coming. Only a few months after that my grandma passed away as well. Both amazing, beautiful women in my life that deserved to have many more days, but they didn’t get that. They are the reason that I wake up and restart each day, and I think everyone should do the same.

There are 365 days in a year. That means 365 mornings that we get to choose how we will start our day. We have a lot more power and control than we think we do in our lives. Believe it or not, we really do have a choice in how we feel and think. We are in control of our feelings and it’s up to us how our days will be. If you want to be stressed all day, make the worst out of every situation, and end the day bad, then I would start your morning assuming all of that will happen. If you want to have a good day, be productive, and be positive, however, then I would start your morning assuming all of that will happen!


It’s all about your mindset

For awhile, many days were bad and it’s because I assumed they would be when I woke up. When I first decided to start hitting the restart button every morning, my life changed for the better. At first, I was forgetting my own new rule. So I colored a piece of paper that said “Restart” on it and placed it right next to my bed. When I woke up, that was the first thing I saw. It seems a little cheesy, but it made all the difference. I saw that restart button and before I did anything else I would go through the list in my head:

  • It’s a new day
  • It’s a new start
  • It’s a good day to have a good day
  • I deserve to have a good day

And so on! We all deserve to go to bed and wake up with a fresh start. We all deserve as many good days as we can get, since we can’t choose how many or when the bad days will hit us. Every day is a new start to have a great day and we have to be conscious of our power to have a good day. Make a button or just remind yourself every morning, but either way create this in your life. Because every additional good day makes for a better life overall!

I would love to hear back from you on how this has made a change in your life. Thank you readers and don’t forget to smile!



  1. Ronda

    Cheesy or not, I love the idea of a restart button! Thank you for sharing your beautiful self and ideas! ❤️


    1. hannahed18@gmail.com

      Thank you Ronda! It has helped me so much that I wanted to share it with others as well!


  2. Bryce Rae

    Yes, we all need to look at a new day as a new start . I struggle with worrying about tomorrow/ yesterday. But we should just concentrate on the current day.


    1. Hannah Edmundson

      Yes, Bryce I am guilty of the same thing! It’s hard not to worry with so much to worry about, but we have to remember that worrying won’t change anything nor stop anything from happening! 🙂


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