6 Ways to Avoid Chapped Lips

Our lips go through a lot in a single day. They smile, they eat, they drink, they laugh.  They are an important feature of the human face and should be treated as such. For some people, chapped lips are a seasonal thing that can be fixed with a little Carmex. Sadly, I am not one of those people. If you are also not one of those people, then I have some helpful tips for you and for your lips!

6 Common Lip Killers

1.) Biting Your Lips

Chapped lips often lead to biting and peeling. I have learned the hard way that biting and peeling only makes it worse. Whether it’s a nervous habit or a way to get rid of your chapped lips, it is a hard thing to stop doing once you start. I am guilty of biting my lips in nervous situations and it has been a hard habit to break ever since I started. One thing that has really helped me break this habit is to keep Carmex on my lips whenever possible because that stuff smells and tastes awful. 

2.) Over Applying Lip Products

Believe it or not, but too much chap stick can lead to more peeling of the lips. The skin on the lips is very different from the skin all over our body. A lot of us think it’s the same as putting lotion on our hands; the more we use the softer and smoother the skin becomes. But that’s not how it is at all. Too much product on the lips can make the skin very soft and cause a peeling effect on the lips. It’s good to keep the lips happy and healthy, but too much can be more harmful than beneficial. A little can go a long way!

3.) Using The Wrong Products

Just with everything else in life, we are all different. One chap stick brand that works awful for me may work wonders for someone else. It’s important to try multiple different kinds to see which one works best for you and your lips. For me personally, I can’t stand the ChapStick brand. It drys out my lips faster than 100 degree weather and just feels too waxy for me. Again, though, all of our skin is different so try a few different kinds to see which kind you like best!

4.) Lipstick

I LOVE wearing lipstick. Sadly, lipstick doesn’t love me back. With constant chapped lips, lipstick tends to look flaky and unflattering on me. A lot of lipstick, especially matte colors, tend to really dry out my lips. If you have this same problem, I suggest switching to lip gloss! Lip gloss is a great alternative to lipstick and does the same thing without drying out your lips so much. A lot of new lip glosses are just as thick as lipstick, too! Having lip gloss on my lips also keeps me from biting at them; a win win! One of my absolute favorite lip glosses is Origins Liquid Lip Color! There are two different, beautiful colors in one stick and it smells/tastes amazing! 


5.) Mouth Breathing

Breathing through the mouth instead of through the nose is a common thing for a lot of people, especially when they sleep. I never assumed this would make a difference for my lips, but it does! When I mentioned my constant dry lips to my dentist, she told me that breathing through the mouth is the same as having a hair dryer blowing on your lips 24/7. It dries them out. Breathing through your nose will help to keep your lips from drying out. Keep the hair dryer for your hair, not your lips!

6.) Licking Your Lips

Just like biting your lips, licking them is also a common nervous habit; one that I am also guilty of doing. It is commonly believed that licking your lips will re-moisturize them and keep them from drying out. Sadly, the opposite is true! Licking your lips actually dries out your lips more. The saliva from your mouth contains digestive enzymes that break down the lips’ skin (eww!). Keeping Carmex or similarly non-tasty lip products on them can help keep you from licking them so often. That, or whenever you lick your lips just think that you are breaking down your own skin (both will easily gross you out enough to stop).

My Favorite Lip Product 

I have tried every lip product in hopes of fixing my dry, chapped lips. Anything from ChapStick, Carmex, Burt’s Bees, EOS, and even straight Vaseline (DO NOT USE VASELINE ON YOUR LIPS). Nothing worked. I ended up asking my dentist what she suggested a year ago, and ever since then my lips have been happy and healthy. So what is the best product I have ever used?

Vitamin E Capsules


I thought the same thing at first when my dentist told me… vitamin E capsules? But it’s true! You can buy a small bottle of vitamin E softgel capsules just about anywhere, and they are cheap! I bought a bottle of 100 capsules from Walgreens for about $10 and I use one capsule a day; that’s 100 days of healthy lips for only $10. Not only does this work the best for me, but it is also cheap; a huge win-win.

How To Use It


  1. Take a capsule out of bottle
  2. Pop a small hole into the capsule (I use a clean safety pin to pop the hole) on one side of capsule
  3. Apply all over the lips

Warning: it can get pretty sticky, so make sure you have a napkin or something in case you need it.

I usually apply it to my lips right before bed to wake up with healthy and happy lips! Although you can go out with it on your lips, I usually don’t since it is thick and shiny; it’s really personal preference, though.

I hope you find these tips helpful and if you have chapped lips like I do, I highly suggest trying the vitamin E capsules! I’d love to hear how it has worked for you, too! Thank you readers and don’t forget to smile!


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