Love Your Now

Throughout our lives, we tend to set goals for ourselves. Sometimes these goals are big, sometimes they are small. Whichever the size of goal or the time in our life, goals are always something to look forward to. When we look forward to something in our future though, we tend to be blind to the present; the now in our lives.

There are many goals in life to create for ourselves, and each one can cause so much excitement that we lose track of our now. I’ll explain some goals I have had or currently have and what I’m doing to enjoy and love the now. I hope you learn to love your own now!

Fitness Goals

From personal experience, I find it especially challenging to focus on the now of fitness goals. With constant pictures on social media of what we all wish we could look like, it’s hard to enjoy the now of our fitness journey. I’ve had problems with this for years. I know I want to look and feel a certain way, and I would just keep focusing on the future. My personal goals were to gain more muscle, and the goal seemed so far out of my reach.

I would picture what I wanted to look like and feel even worse about how I looked in the present moment. Things always look worse when you compare them side by side. If you have ever felt this way, you’ll know how miserable it is to be in one place wishing you could be in another. I was stuck with the body I had and was constantly wishing I could look a different way. The fact that I felt “stuck” with the body I had was a problem all on its own!

My mindset changed one morning when I saw my first sign of progress in my fitness journey. As soon as I saw some form of change, I realized I was going about this all wrong. To enjoy not only the destination but also the journey is where true happiness comes from. I realized that not enjoying the now of my fitness journey wasn’t speeding up the process, so why shouldn’t I enjoy it? Sure, I wasn’t where I wanted to be yet. But just because you aren’t where you want to be doesn’t mean you can’t find the beauty in where you are currently. There is so much beauty in where you are in life at all times, we just need to open our eyes and let the beauty in.

Happiness Goals

A lot of people make happiness a goal in life, which is a goal everyone should aim for. Happiness, however, is the opposite of a goal to be met or a destination to arrive at. Happiness is now. A lot of the times we feel as though we should feel a certain way just because others do. This is not the case, though! You should always listen to you above anyone else.

A friend of mine is on a fitness journey of her own. She decided to take a break from it because she was plenty happy with the progress she has made and how far she has come. So, she has decided to do her own thing for now! She found her happiness and she is riding along with it. When happiness disappears, we can make adjustments to fix that and find it again. But if you are happy, why change a thing? Happiness truly is everywhere if you look hard enough. In friends and family, in the sunrise and sunset, in our favorite hobbies, and more. Enjoy the now while looking forward to the happiness of tomorrow!

Yoga Goals

Enjoying the now of my yoga practice was especially difficult for me before I made these positive changes. Only practicing yoga for about a year now, I have only just begun. Yoga is all about practice and working towards something, whether it be a new pose or a feeling of relaxation for example. Setting too many goals for myself to count, I was feeling more stressed than relaxed. I wasn’t reaching any of my goals and I found myself forcing the cause too much.

Once I took a step back, I realized I was so excited to do a handstand that I wasn’t enjoying the small wins like touching my toes for the first time in my life (I’m very inflexible). I was so focused on the future that I wasn’t enjoying the now, which is ironic since the whole purpose of yoga is to live in the moment. Since my mindset changed, I have found myself enjoying every pose and every breathe in its entirety. I let go of all future yoga goals for myself and I take it one practice at a time. I even joined a yoga studio to further my practice, which you can read all about here. Like everything else in life, my goals will arrive in good time. In the meantime, however, I’m going to enjoy and love the now of my practice.

Family Goals

There are a lot of people in my life who have a plan for their “future family”. A set time to marry, a set time to buy a house, a set amount of children to have, and so on. It’s always good to plan ahead, but there comes a point when it can be damaging to you. Say, for example, you have a set age you want to be married. That age comes, and you are still single. What is a very normal circumstance has now become a disappointment, and for no reason at all! The more goals we set for ourselves, the greater risk of disappointment there is if those goals don’t happen the way we want.

Not only that, but while someone focuses so strongly on their future, they are left with little room to enjoy and consider their now. Redirect your energy to the now, and let the future come in its own time. Try to let go of all future expectations for your life and let life happen on its own.

Final Thoughts

Goals are a great thing to set for yourself, I’m not denying this. They help us reach a point where we want to be in life, and that generally benefits our lives in many ways. Goals, however, should act as a thing to look forward to, and not something to mask your now. Never let a goal make you feel like your now isn’t good enough. Whether it be your physical health, your level of happiness, your yoga practice, or whatever else, enjoy the now! Be in the now! Love your now!

I hope you find more happiness and love in your daily lives, and realize that you’ll never have right now back. So enjoy it all, the future will be here soon enough! Enjoy every step and every choice, and know that to live to the fullest potential means to love your now. Thank you readers, and don’t forget to smile!





    1. Hannah Edmundson

      Thank you so much, Babette!


  1. Stephanie

    I really appreciate your section on “family goals.” I am going through this with my self with having a baby! As much as I tell myself that I know in my heart that I am not ready, the thought that I should be on that journey consumes me some days and I don’t enjoy the “now.” Thanks for the reminder to be present and trust the timing of my life!


    1. Hannah Edmundson

      Oh yes, that one is very common it seems like. I’m glad you found this post, as sometimes all you need is a reminder! Everything happens for a reason at a certain time, and your reason will come when it’s ready! I hope you enjoy your “now”, and thanks for the comment! 🙂


  2. Theresa

    Great words to Live by. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy my now!


    1. Hannah Edmundson

      You are very welcome! 🙂


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