A Small Change With a Huge Impact

Change is something that helps us grow, but for a lot of people (including myself), change can be scary. When we have things about ourselves and about our lives that we want to change, sometimes it’s hard to know where that change should come from. For me personally, I wanted to make some changes to be an overall happier and healthier person. Those are big changes and at first, I had no idea where to start. I changed my cloths, my hair, my room, my study habits, my eating habits, and nothing seemed to be helping. At the end of the day I was still tired, stressed, and unhappy. After multiple trial and error attempts, I finally figured it out. The one thing I changed in my life was small, but it has made the biggest impact.

I Changed What Apps I Allowed On My Phone


This may not make much sense at first, but please hear me out. I think we are all guilty of having at least one of the following accounts:

  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

It’s common to have social media accounts and there is nothing wrong with having them. Having these accounts helps us to connect, discover, and communicate. But the truth is that the more we connect to these apps, the less we connect with ourselves and with each other in real life. Having these apps on our phones where we can access them in seconds only makes it worse, too.

I know from experience that when I was bored, I got on at least one of these apps. When I was studying, I got on at least one of these apps. Laying in bed, I got on at least one of these apps. First thing I did when I woke up in the morning was to get on at least one of these apps. When I was eating, I got on at least one of these apps. The list goes on, and admitting that I did this is honestly disappointing and embarrassing.

Looking back, it’s upsetting to see how much time I wasted throughout the day checking my Facebook or Twitter feed. And the worst part is that I wasn’t really conscious of doing it as often as I was. I think we are all so used to having such easy access to these apps that we don’t even realize that we look at them for a combination of what could be hours throughout the day. When I finally became conscious of how much I was getting on these apps throughout the day, I deleted them all from my phone and as cheesy as it sounds, I honestly felt like I woke up for the first time in a long time.


What Happened When I Deleted Social Media Apps From My Phone

Just to clarify, I didn’t permanently delete any accounts. I can still access all of my accounts from my laptop, but my phone is now clear of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. What happened next is the reason I will never re-download them to my phone again!

I Got More Sleep and Better Sleep


After a long day of school, work, and tennis, I would finally lay down in bed ready to fall asleep. 9 times out of 10, however, I ended up looking through my social media feeds on my phone. I would look through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more! Without even realizing it, I would look at my clock and realize I just spent 1-2 hours on my phone (sometimes even more than that!). Being upset, I would finally put my phone down and try to fall asleep. Being as tired as I was, I never understood why it was so hard to fall asleep every night.

Once I stopped checking my phone and my apps before bed, my sleep improved. I fell right to sleep and stayed asleep throughout the night! Studies show that if you are watching television or are on your phone before bed, you are more likely to have sleeping problems. Watching television and going through your apps gets your brain thinking and wakes up your brain right before bed. So trying to fall asleep right after is nearly impossible. Staying away from all electronics before bed will not only help you fall asleep faster, but it will also give you better sleep. I know this from experience! If you are having a hard time falling asleep at night, put your phone down!

My Boredom Turned Into Productivity


When I was bored or had a free 30 minutes, I would spend it on my phone looking through my apps. At the end of the day, my to-do list was still long and my time felt limited. Once I deleted my apps from my phone, however, everything changed.

Being bored now meant I had time for myself. With the time I used to spend on Facebook and Twitter, I could now do more productive things. Things such as getting more homework done, cleaning my room, doing yoga/exercising, and even began learning the guitar. I was discovering what I enjoyed doing in my free time, and I found hobbies. People tend to forget that we make our own time, and with this new amount of time I created for myself, I was getting so many amazing things done. I was going to bed feeling accomplished and relaxed! It amazed me how much time I actually had in a single day. I truly regret spending so much time on my phone looking through my apps. If you are looking for more time in your day to be productive and find the things that make you happy, put your phone down!

My Stress Levels Went Down


Seeing things every day on social media was constantly making me mad and stressed out. I would see fights, arguments, political debates, sad videos, sad news, and the list goes on and on. I felt like I would get on my apps and put my phone down in a bad mood. Being exposed to so much negativity each day really made a good day become bad for me, and it did more damage than I even realized.

Once I deleted my apps, I was no longer exposed to all of that negativity. I only saw and heard what I wanted to. Within just one day, I felt myself become a happier and less stressed person! It’s no wonder this world is filled with so much hate, we drown ourselves in it! We deserve to be happy and surround ourselves with happiness, and getting off of those apps will help bring more happiness in our direction. If you are looking to become less stressed and overall a little happier each day, put your phone down!

I Enjoyed The Little Things More 


Being consumed in our apps really blinds us from all the great things we have. I would spend my time on my apps and I never even realized how much I was neglecting my family and my pets when I was doing so. When we ate, I would be on my phone completely zoned out from what was going on around me. When my dog was playing with his new toy, I wasn’t paying attention to how cute he was because I was too busy on Facebook. I was missing out on the little things, and once I deleted my apps I realized they were actually the big things.

Once I deleted my apps, I saw everything going on around me. Dinner with my parents now became a great time for socializing and laughing. Watching and playing with my dog was not only making me happy, but making him happy, too! Even paying attention to nature was enough to make me smile and to make me regret ever sitting inside on my phone. Being on our phones all the time means we tend to miss a lot of small things. These smalls things can bring us a lot of happiness if we pay attention to them. If you are looking to become more engaged in your surroundings and appreciate the small things in life, put down your phone!

I Found Time For My Physical Health

A big portion of my time was spent looking at Instagram pictures of fit women, good food, and adventures other people where having. I would sit and sulk thinking, “I wish I was fit and healthy”. Yet, I was too busy looking at other people being healthy to actually make time for my own health.

Deleting my apps from my phone gave me time to become a healthier person. I started working out, going for runs, and walking my dog more. I instantly felt myself become a healthier person, and I no longer felt the need to look at other people becoming healthy. Our physical health is so very important, and finally having time for this in my own life has made me unbelievably happy (and healthy!). If you are looking for more time to become physically healthy, put down your phone!

 As you can see, deleting your apps from your phone can be beneficial in so many different ways. It has made me a happier, healthier, and more productive person and I am sad to think about all the time I have spent on my phone. I have so much time now, even though I am a full-time student, work two jobs, and play tennis!

It is hard sometimes, I will admit. Sometimes when I have no access to my laptop and I really need to be on social media, I will re-download the apps on my phone. When I am done using it, I will simply delete them again! The rewards of deleted these apps from your phone are more than worth it. I hope you all strongly consider this small change in your own lives. It’s a change that will change you! Thank you readers, and don’t forget to smile!

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